Making our class movie

On the first day of making my potato for my movie I made an evil scientist with no eyes. My potato was medium. I put a helmet on his head and I used tooth picks for his arms and legs. I used  cotton balls but they kept on falling off and black wool for the face. When we were done we had to vote what title to call our  movie. We all voted on the “Stolen Princess.”  We had to make four different backgrounds: evil layer, rocket, outside castle and inside castle and I helped to make the evil layer. We painted the box all black and then made some grey platforms. We added extra glow in the dark stars and some planets. It looked cool in the end.

We went to the library to take pictures of our potatoes and it was fun. We moved the potatoes a little bit every time when Ms Toland took a  photo. When we took the photo Ms Toland checked and it was good. Then we took a rest and did the voice overs. I was talking about monster number 2. Next term we will see the big screen.

2 thoughts on “Making our class movie

  1. Hey Tuakalau I like your talent.and I like your sentence and I also love the way you never give up.You are a smart person and you like to be funny and you should be born with that talent keep up the good work.

  2. Hello Tuakalau. I enjoyed reading your sentence. My favourite part is you made every beginning of a paragraph has a capital letter.

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