My swimming experiences 😁

My classmates and I went on the bus everyday when we were going to swimming lessons!!!

For the last two weeks we got ready while the teachers were still teaching the other classes. We waited and waited until it was our turn to swim. First we had to sit and turn on the edge to get into the pool. When we got in we had to swim all the way to the other end of the pool and then go back. Then we freestyled to the end of pool and then came back again. Then we swam backstroke half-way then freestyle backwards.

When we were done we played some games we were playing who can get the sinkers first. I let the other person get the sinker because I didn’t have goggles on. We played again  but I went last. While the others were racing I asked my teacher for some tips and he said grab the sinker with your leg.

At the end of the game we got to jump in the pool. I did a manu and my two other friends did a belly flop and it hurt. Then we got dried, we walked back to the bus. While on the bus back to school we sang songs and it was  cool that almost everyone was singing. We had to sit at the back and sing it so it could be loud. We sang all the way back to school.

When we came back from swimming we got changed and played a game with Room 7 and 8 and then we went back home.


Last week on Saturday my Family and I went to see the Matariki lights. When we arrived there I saw Patrick and then  my cousin. We walked  through the lights and there was a big whale and lights on a tree. It was wonderful. Then it said we had to stay still and watch the fireworks. I think 30 fireworks were blown up. It was the best Maori new year ever.

After that we went back to our car to buy some food. We were buying chicken and chips with some sauce. It took half an hour for the food to be ready. It was yum. After we ate we played in the park we were next to. We played and played until we were tired. We took photos and videos. Then we saw a big container and then we climbed inside it. It was fun. Then we went home and ate  food again. Then we went to sleep for church.

When we came back to school, we learned more about Matariki. We listened to a legend about how the god of wind pulled out his eyes and threw them up into the sky. Now he is blind and spends his time blowing wind around us all the time.

We made Matariki stars using cardboard and coloured wool. This is my one:


Storm Boy

I am young and don’t go to school, even though I’m good at math. I am calm, happy, unafraid, never anxious and I’ve learnt everything from Fingerbone Bill. I love animals and they are my lovely friends because they are always there for me. I love nature.

I am …………………………. Storm boy

Our Ki O Rahi tournament

Yesterday on Tuesday we played Ki O Ra-hi after morning tea. We first had to get into our teams under the canopy. There was Kauri, Rata, Rimu and Totara. I was in the Totara team. Then we headed down to the field. Our coach’s name was called coach Trey and he told us the instructions. And the instructions were not to block your tags from your hips two people from the other team had to block the tupu and the other team had to throw the ball at the tupu. I had the best day playing sport with my friends and the big kids. I hope we can have another tournament soon.


My Anzac biscuit

Last Thursday Mrs Agnew gave us Anzac biscuits. Before we tasted them we first had to look at them, smell them and feel them. It looked like a round Donut. It smelt like oats and coconut. It felt like a spiky pencil. Then we wrote the ingredients and they were butter, flour, golden syrup, baking soda and coconut. Then I tasted it. It tasted like a sweet pancake with chocolate on Top.