Kia ora! My name is Tuakalau,

Kia ora! My name is Tuakalau, I go to Saint Patrick’s School. I am in Year 5 and my teacher is Mrs Agnew. My favourite subject is Maths, Writing and I enjoy learning about Lion.  I am good at Soccer, rugby, cooking, racing, painting, basketball and rap..  My goal for this year is to My goal for the year is to be the player of the year in rugby.. In my spare time I like to watch youtube, eat, clean the house, and gaming..

Preparing for Athletics day

After morning tea my classmates and I went to get ready for Athletics Day practice with Coach Bart. Our school’s Athletics Day will be on 18 November and we are all excited about it.

First,  we went inside a square of cones to practice sprinting. We sprinted on our heels, toes, high and low. We ran like a robot and crouched. But the very hard thing was sprinting on our heels.

Then he taught us how to play Sheepdog. In this game, we had to run around the square. There were two sheepdogs and the rest of the class were sheep and they had to run away to avoid getting tagged on the hip with a noodle.

After that we were formed into four groups then we practiced the running race. “On your marks, get set, go!”  We ran our fastest to the concrete wall then we walked back to the blue cones. We all had a few turns doing it then we took a break and had a sip of water because we all felt hot and thirsty. Later on, we had to do it again and the person behind us had to try and tag us.

Next, Coach Bart threw foam pigs to us to see how tall we are then we jumped over the foam pigs I passed mine 5 or 4 times it was very easy but I fell over 2 times we had to jump past it 6 times.

Around 12 o’clock we were very tired and hot. But coach Bart was very good at teaching us to how to get prepared for athletics day. It was very fun. Then we had to go back to class and write this blog.

Making our class movie

On the first day of making my potato for my movie I made an evil scientist with no eyes. My potato was medium. I put a helmet on his head and I used tooth picks for his arms and legs. I used  cotton balls but they kept on falling off and black wool for the face. When we were done we had to vote what title to call our  movie. We all voted on the “Stolen Princess.”  We had to make four different backgrounds: evil layer, rocket, outside castle and inside castle and I helped to make the evil layer. We painted the box all black and then made some grey platforms. We added extra glow in the dark stars and some planets. It looked cool in the end.

We went to the library to take pictures of our potatoes and it was fun. We moved the potatoes a little bit every time when Ms Toland took a  photo. When we took the photo Ms Toland checked and it was good. Then we took a rest and did the voice overs. I was talking about monster number 2. Next term we will see the big screen.

How To Make a Fruit Salad

Introduction: Fruit is good for your health

Equipment: Fruits, sharp knife, board, peeler, platter, water, soap.

Steps needed:

1. Wash hands with soap and water.

2. Put your Equipment on a table .

3. Get apples and peel them with your peeler.

4.Cut the apple in half

5.  Then take the core out.

6. Now get oranges and peel them.

7. Now cut the oranges into small pieces.

8. Now get a kiwi fruit and peel the skins off.

9. Then cut them into small pieces.

10. Get a banana and peel it and slice it on top of the fruit.

11. Now empty the skins and put them into the compost bin.

12. Then wash your hands again and now you can eat it.



Swimming Lessons

For the past two weeks of last term, my class and I went CLM pools to learn how to swim. At 12:15 we had to eat our lunch. After that we had to change into our swimming togs. After that the teachers told us that the boys had to go first and then the girls can go. We had to wear a jacket to keep us warm.  We walked to the bus after we got there we started to go to CLM pools.

On the way there we were singing some songs which I could tell you but I don’t know what they are called. When we were there we got into the pool and then our swimming teachers told us to run to the other side and then go back to her.

We learned how to float on our backs and our tummy. We used pool noodles and blue boards. After that we had to jump in and then go back to school. When we were about to go we saw the girls going to swim next. They did the same swimming lessons that we did. When we came back to school we changed back to our school clothes. Then we played soccer and then the girls came. After the girls were changed we had to go inside and pray. After that we went home. It was so so much fun. Here is a photo.

Animations Blog – Usain bolt almost lost in a race by his brother but still won

we have been making animations on our chromebooks in Google slides.

i really enjoyed this because my favourite racer is Usain Bolt .

My favourite part was when usain bolt won and got the Trophy.

My story  is About Usain Bolt racing with his brother and almost lost because he triped but got up and still won…..

Tuakalau How to make a tree house

Last term I was building a tree hut with some toilet paper rolls and cardboard and black string. First I used two apple cartons which I folded in half to make the walls. I used tape to make them stick. Then I used another apple carton to make the floor and the roof. It looked like a cube and I liked it.

Then I used 4 toilet rolls to hold it up off the ground. I used glue and stuck them onto another apple carton, which kept it steady.


Next we paint our tree hut. I used blue and brown paint then I put chairs in my tree hut. After that we tested our tree huts. We put water on top of our tree hut, then we put 4 pairs of scissors on top of it to check the weight. We used a fan to check if it would stay up in the wind. After that we took a photo of all of our tree huts. Then we took it home and showed it to our family.